Tim Jones - "Resident Pyro"

Keep in mind that our inventory has been exclusively selected to offer the best display at the best price.  There is nothing we sell that I  haven't had as part of a past fireworks display.  I am a firm believer in stretching my budget to the limit and getting the most for my money - especially in our multi-shot "cake" inventory.  I personally select fireworks that are long-lasting, have vivid colors and effects and absolutely must possess the "wow factor".  

My list of favorites: 

Fountain:  Eye Poppin' - New in 2020 and pack a great punch!
Artillery Shells:   5" Nishiki Willow Cannister Shells:  These 60 gram cannister shells pack a huge punch and are new this year.  They come 6 per pack and are value priced at $24.95.  If you love artillery shells and want a huge BANG for the buck, then buy these.  Click on the link and watch the video.  You won't be disappointed! 
200 gram cake:  Deja Blue - Very unique colors and silver fish effects.  Add this to your show and you'll definitely have something different. 
500 gram cake:  Loyal To None - It's a great value for the price, because it's long-lasting and that's what I like - value and duration.  This cake has 33 shots, lasts 71 seconds and is made to make your show last longer, for less money.  
Finale cake:  There's absolutely no way I can have just one favorite here, because true finale cakes are all different and accomplish different elements as you end your display.  To me, customers should dedicate 40% to 60% of their budget on this portion of their display.  A good mix and match of the right finale cakes will offer your spectators a display they will remember for months and years to come.  That said, I will list a few of my favorites here:
Aftershock:  For a 200 gram cake, it is fast-paced, has fantastic, vibrant colors and rivals many of the larger 500 gram cakes.  It's also more than half the price as well. 
Hippie Chick: There is a reason our customers come back each year and buy this 500 gram beauty - and some customers return to our stand and buy it several times per season as well!  This "zipper" style cake is a multiple shot crowd favorite.  It's pricey, but for the price, you simply ignite it and sit back and watch all 172 shots.  The video won't do it justice.
True Art  Great color, huge breaks and good pace make this one of my favorite cakes.  In my display, I would shoot two simultaneously, before finishing with the fast-paced cakes that I will list next.
Fighting Rooster, Confrontation, Grave Digger and Gorilla Warfare: These 500 gram finale cakes are extremely fast-paced and have vibrant colors and effects.  I would finish my finale with these cakes in the listed order - igniting each halfway before the previous cake finished.  It's all about pace and these will wow your audience like never before!   

Chris Lenz

Favorite 200 gram cake:  AI - Very unique 200 gram cake.
Favorite 500 gram cake:  Tank Girl - Long lasting.  One show in a box!
Favorite finale cake:  Hippie Chick - Awesome colors and breaks!
Favorite artillery shells:  Growler - New!  Big booms and great value!
Favorite fountain:  Jumping Jelly Beans - The kids love it!